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SMS Marketing Works like Magic. It increases your Sales/Patronage.

If you have business(s), no matter what you sell (Services or products), online or offline, you MUST let people know about it to make sales or you are not in business at all.

SMS is the best, fastest, cheapest and most efficient method to let people know about your products or services in just minutes.

Are you a business man/woman, do you own a company, a shop or a church, e.t.c with the intention of reaching out to everyone or a number of persons in a particular region, city, or state in Nigeria? Are you a political aspirant who wishes to speak your dialect to your fellow community men and women? Worry no more, we can help you!


Target Marketing of your products and services

Whether you have a product or service you want to market to Nigerians or you have an announcement to make, whatever your needs we have answers to the most effective means of reaching millions of Nigerians. With us you can reach 50% of the Nigerian population instantly with our updated database.


You can get access to the most complete & reliable database of over 21millions active and valid GSM mobile phone numbers in Nigeria. This includes GSM and CDMA mobile numbers from all major networks in Nigeria and classified into all 36 states including FCT, each with the owner's real name and gender.


Our phone number database is highly profiled on a State-by-State as well as Local Government basis. Thus you can target your message to any specific location in Nigeria. has over 21million Nigerian GSM phone numbers arranged in Local Government by Local Government Area database. Are you running a Company, SMS Portal, Church, an Organization, Small and Medium scale Businesses, are you a politician or an individual? This offer is for you, with this phone numbers you can now advertise and communicate to over 21 million Nigerian informing them about your product and services. People can ignore your advert on Newspapers, Radio stations, TV stations and even Billboard but can never ignore your adverts on the screen of their GSM phones.


GSM phone numbers in Nigeria grouped by states and local government area.

It's The Nationwide Highly Categorized GSM Database Sorted According To: Names, Age, Gender, Local Government, State Across The 36 States in Nigeria. For Location Based/Demographics Mobile Campaigns because Business Owners, Politicians, Companies, Bulk SMS portal owners, Individuals, Organizations and others too numerous to be mentioned will be hunting after you with their MONEY in order to get these Highly Sorted GSM Database. It's what they all need for one reason or the other. Remember, with this database they can 100% target their audience either for marketing or publicity.


Business owners, Politicians and others major challenge when it comes to mobile marketing is getting the right phone numbers of target audience, but with our nationwide phone numbers database, it is now easier than ever to reach people within any state and local government areas in Nigeria.

Get the newest most Complete GSM Phone Numbers Database classified by (Name, Gender, LGA, and State) for the whole Country. It is 100% Money back Guaranteed.