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About Us

We offer one of the cheapest bulk SMS providers for both the Resellers and the End-Users in Nigeria. We have been into Bulk SMS for over two years now. We are also into advertising.

Our platform enables you to achieve the highest quality service and with the help of our highly qualified, experienced talented support professionals in the field of Mobile Marketing and Messaging made us one of the most reliable partners for Mobile services.




Bulk SMS in Nigeria has become an industry or business that cannot be overlooked because of the rate at which the business is growing in Nigeria when compare with that of any other industry and the reason is that Bulk SMS in Nigeria is now being used for almost everything by churches, mosques, lovers, companies, politicians, government etc.

When talking of Bulk SMS in Nigeria, we have thousands of Bulk SMS providers in Nigeria but stands out in sms delivery. With our instant delivery of messages, we stand out tall over others parading themselves as the best in the market.

With the help of God and you our worthy and reliable customers, our Bulk SMS in Nigeria is the most efficient, and user friendly Bulk SMS portal. Our bulk sms in Nigeria is the most effective and the most reliable in Nigeria and that has been giving us an edge over our competitors. We sincerely hope more and more will be part of our user friendly portal.

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Customer Service: We have the best customer service among the bulk sms providers in Nigeria. I remembered many new subscribers that told me that some bulk sms provider will not pick their calls. We don't only pick our calls we also call our customers when the need arises.