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Cheapest Bulk SMS in Nigeria

Bulk SMS in Nigeria


Cheapest Bulk SMS in Nigeria-Instant delivery Bulk SMS Provider

Cheapest Bulk SMS in Nigeria is just perfect for every business whether large or small for advertisement, invitation, and announcement and even for product launch. This is the most convenient way of making a personal contact with your customers. This form of advertising/communications can also be used by large Companies, Governments, Individuals, Churches/Mosques, and Politicians etc. SMS Marketing is simply the cheapest means of advertising in Nigeria which every company and organisation must take advantage off. We have the Cheapest Bulk SMS in Nigeria to help you send bulk messages at relatively very cheap price. is one of the leading SMS messaging service provider offering SMS communication services straight from the internet and active GSM Database. Our Bulk SMS gateway send messages to almost all networks across the world with over 850 mobile network operators world-wide.


We provide fast, personalized, and reliable sms solution in Nigeria.


There is hardly an industry that can claim that sms marketing is not suitable for it business except those who did not know the advantages of using it.


Advantages of Bulk SMS Nigeria include

·         It is cost effective,

·         Easy to do business,

·         It opens channel of communications between the advertiser and the targeted customers.

·         It is the most effective means of communication.

·         Our sms is accessible to all. Just register, make payment and start using our portal.


Facts and Benefits of Bulk SMS marketing

SMS Marketing is the best and perfect marketing solution for companies, organisations, associations etc who would like to promote their products and/or services to the public.


Some Of the Benefits are:

·         You can create texts that engage your audience and get results

·         You can deliver texts at the right time so they don't get lost in the crowd

·         You can increase sales in the short run and build value

·         You can develop long term relationships with your customers to bring them back over and over

·         The response rate of SMS Campaign is very high offers fast, efficient and highly reliable SMS in Nigeria to the masses by offering a wide range of services that can adapt to the specific industry or needs of the market. 


Our service can be used for information regarding new offers, sales, buy/sell tips, stock quotes, etc. Cheapest Bulk SMS can be sent to people of a certain sex, age group, locations, etc. You can also decide to have your own SMS Portal and become a Bulk SMS Reseller.


If you want to send important and urgent information and you need GSM Database, try our updated and active phone numbers database. Our database is latest, updated, genuine and reliable that you can use to promote your products/services. If you doubt our numbers, you can call us for sample/test. And a trial will surely convince you.


NaijaSMS247 is famous in Nigeria for its various sms services at cheap, fast, attractive and affordable prices.


Features of our sms are as follows:

·         Send multiple text messages from Computer/Mobile phones to recipients in just one click.

 ·         Recipient phone number can be entered manually or bulk uploaded from notepad.

 ·         No technical training or skills are required to use our portal.

 ·         Easy to use and operate, just register and login.

 ·         Internet based connectivity.

 ·         You can schedule your messages for later delivery,

 ·         Instant delivery of Bulk messages.

 ·         Online payment of buying sms units is available.

 ·         Developer API for easy integration into your sms site,

 ·         Personalized Sender ID's (Up to 11 Alpha-numeric characters).

 ·         Online Address Book in customer’s account

 ·         No setup fees, No monthly fees, No hidden costs.

 ·         Fast Delivery to all networks Nationwide.

 ·         Unlimited Validity - our units does not expire

 ·         Set up an Account in less than 5 minutes

 ·         100% Reliable

 ·         24 x 7 Customer Support.



Register for Bulk SMS

To be one of our highly and respected customer, just click on REGISTER or Create an account, complete your registration by confirming your registration from the email sent to you and start sending bulk messages.


You can join others using to power their businesses. Our service is fast and delivers instantly, we are very proud of that. A trial we convince you. Register now to be part of the instant delivery best Bulk SMS in Lagos, Nigeria. See our Bulk SMS Prices here. You want to make payment for SMS units, see our bank details.


We are reliable Bulk SMS provider and we are between Lagos and Ogun State border. So if you are around this place you can visit us. For further enquiries, please don't hesitate to Contact Us.




Please note that networks in Nigeria do restrict some words like; promo, promotion, congrats, congratulations, congratulation, million, millions etc. Please endeavour not to use those words. And again if you are sending messages that may contain phone numbers in the message, pls let the numbers be in this form: 080-1111-1111 or 080 1111 1111. This usually occurs on GLO Network.


You Are Welcome!